Greeting Everyone!!!

Here I am back with another blog on JavaScript and its use cases in our current industry.

JavaScript is everywhere, while reading this story also you are using JavaScript. JavaScript is a lightweight, open-source and cross-platform programming. In simple words, if we say it is designed for creating…

Configuring Reverse Proxy on AWS using Ansible Role and getting the IP of Instance Dynamically

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well and fine. Here I am with another blog on Configuring Reverse Proxy on AWS and getting instance IP dynamically in inventory.

New to Ansible?? Want to know about it??

Here are some of my blogs you can check out about Ansible…

Playbook to configure reverse proxy and auto-update the configuration file when a new managed node joins the backend server group.

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you all are fine and excited to learn more about Ansible.

New to Ansible!!! Want to know more about it??? If you don’t have prior knowledge of Ansible, do check out my blog, where I have explained Ansible and its Use Cases.

Now, if you have…

Neural Network and its Use Cases in Current IT Industry

Greeting Everyone!!! Herewith another blog on Neural Network's information and their current use cases in the IT Industry affected our lifestyle.

We all have used computers, and we have seen how much power they are. Computers are capable of doing many things that a human brain finds difficult or time…

Ansible playbook is written to configure Name Node and Data Node in Hadoop and Start the Cluster.

Greetings Everyone!!! I hope you all are having a great day.

Let me start by explaining Ansible. In short, the word you need to understand that Ansible is a powerful automation tool for configuration. We have to download and set 100 and 1000 systems servers at the industry level to…


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