Automation Using Ansible — Demo- Learning and Thankful Note

Sharing my experience about the demo session on Automation using Ansible with an industry use case demo.

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing well and fine.

Before starting the blog, a big thanks to Linux World India for arranging such a great session with some great personalities.

Yesterday(Dec-28–2020), I got a chance to attend a webinar about Automation in Ansible Industry Use Case Demo organized by Linux World India. The webinar was delivered by none other than RedHat India Principle Instructor Sreejith Anujan and RedHat India Director - APAC, Mr. Arun Eapen. Being a technical student, I was happy and cheerful to attend the session with both the IT industry's renowned personalities. It was an honor for me to get some insights about Ansible from them.

The session was started with the introduction of Ansible and how the industry has been using Ansible and what industry has been using it for? We learned about the use of Automation in recent years in every aspect of the industry. Cars, Machines, and configuration of programs software everything is being done by Automation.

Ansible is one of the best tools in the industry for automation, and as per Mr. Anujan, it has been a top technology in GitHub also in recent years. He also mentioned some use cases of Ansible in our day to day life and industry. Then we moved towards topics related to Ansible. We also learned the use of Ansible with popular and useful tools like Jenkins and Terraform.

Ansible Tower: Ansible Tower is a Web-based solution for doing automation using Ansible. It makes the user of Ansible with managing their task and planning the task easily and in less time and much more. Mr. Anujan showed us how we could use Ansible tower, and we also configured an instance in Public Cloud service using our credentials with the help of Ansible.

Scaling: We also learned how to scale our infrastructure using Ansible to save our CPU time and cost. This method has been used in the industry to maximize the profit and quietly configure the infrastructure.

Job Templates: We also learned about Job Templates in Ansible, which can run a small task many times. We also learned how to prioritize tasks and then use Tower to schedule tasks one after another, launch a new task on another one, or plan or notify the developer upon fail.

Notification: Mr. Anujan also showed us a demo on how he created a notification setting. Every time a task runs in Ansible tower, it returns the success or failure message on Slack. We can use any other messaging platform also, as he mentioned.

In brief, it was a great session, and I learned more about Automation, Ansible Industry Use Cases. Some of the new things for me were Ansible Tower, Scaling, Templates, CI/CD pipelines using Ansible.

I am grateful to Mr. Vimal Daga and Mrs. Preeti Chandak for organizing such a great event that helps students like us learn more about industry use cases. Thanks to Linux World India and the whole team who made this event successful really grateful to everyone.

Hoping to attend more sessions like this in the future. Thank You, Everyone!!!!

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