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Here I am back with another blog on JavaScript and its use cases in our current industry.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is everywhere, while reading this story also you are using JavaScript. JavaScript is a lightweight, open-source and cross-platform programming. In simple words, if we say it is designed for creating websites. Adding to that it can be said that JS adds functionality or dynamic nature to a website. We have a lot more in JS to do just more than that. JS can work both on the client and server sides. It helps more in functionality and sharing information between elements of the web pages.

HTML and CSS as a language helps in creating a website whereas JS is there to add functionality and we can also say it can be used to connect and make the website dynamic and more interactive.

We have a lot and lots of websites companies using JS. It is very common to use JS and it comes in different flavors and customized forms and frameworks which can make the work very easy. Here we will talk about how JS is being used in some of the world's greatest companies.

Use Cases in Some Companies


We all know Uber. It has a great market and clients all over the world. A lot of activities go on their platform. They need to work with the client's location, tracking of the vehicles, and looking after all the cab's status. So all these are possible with the help of JavaScript. Uber uses the NodeJS which is the back-end JavaScript runtime environment. Uber uses Node JS to handle all the requests in their servers and pass the data quickly to the user so that the user can have a smooth ride experience with the updates.

Real-Time Applications

Now let’s take the use case on a higher level. We all know about real-time applications. For example, take Google Map. It always keeps updating as per the use cases. Different network-related applications also provide real-time updates. We will mostly talk about NodeJS here as we can say it is one of the flavors/frameworks that work with JS.


With so many developers opting to build on Node.js, more attention is developing around the benefits of hosting Node.js applications at the Edge. Section’s Node.js edge hosting solution is helping developers realize these benefits across the various use cases discussed above, and beyond. The world is changing on various tools and technology but we might not see JS being changed. Yes, we can see some framework and updates added to it but we will be working with JS as the base.

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